Will be opening from May 2016! Watch the new recruits living it up in the Ibiza Villa!

The Hottest party girls

Watch your favourite Fun loving party girls take over Ibiza. you vote for who you want to see carry on the party. The favourite ladies with the most votes stay in the house for another week. The least favourite get replaced by a new recruit!


Each week we will be having some amazing performances from top names in the UK music industry at our famous pool party. It will be broadcast live so you can join in the fun with all the babes where ever you are in the world

24/7 party house

You can watch the party day and night in the pool, living room, dining room and roof terrace completely free from your laptop or smart phone. Make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

Fully interactive parties

You can vote for the perfect party! We will be having weekly votes where you can vote for anything from themes to special guests, the party is in your hands!

Browse through all the potential Babes and vote for your favourites

What is BaseBabes tv?

Basebabes are the hottest party girls on the planet taking over Ibiza to party the summer away
Watch 50 party girls living a lavish lifestyle in Ibiza this summer. Beautiful Villas, designer clothes and non stop parties

We are taking 50 party girls to our £3,000,000 Ibiza villa to party the summer away and you can watch live every step of the way. The Babes will be moving into the big brother style Villa in May and the winning 12 base babes will be crowned in October. You will get to watch the girls daily lives 24/7 totally free! This will include partying with celebrities, sunning it up around the villa and all the drama that comes with it. Every week you will be able to vote on your favourite party girls in the villa and the babe with the least vote will leave the villa to be replaced by the next favourite from our short list. This will take place once a week at our pool party so you can be sure the Babes will go out in style and don't worry if a babe you like gets voted out she will go back onto the short list so you can vote her back in. At the end of the season the last 12 Base babes will get contracts with us when we get back to the UK. Don't worry the party doesn't stop there we will doing weekly club night's throughout the UK so if you didn't manage to party with the babes in Ibiza you can see them at a nightclub near you.

  • 50 Party girls
  • 5 months
  • Weekly Pool parties
  • This summer is going to be crazy

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